A creative 3D consultancy that prides itself on giving its clients an edge over its competitors through the use of high end, photorealistic 3D visualisation, fly-through animation, virtual reality & other advanced cutting edge technologies.

With offices in Manchester & Beijing we service clients locally and internationally.

Working with the client from our UK head office, we have established a very efficient project management solution. Whilst the client only has to liaise with our UK office, our China team provides complementary technical knowledge, design skills and support, adopting UK and international high standards. With a team of over a 100 in our Beijing office, we can work on the most demanding of projects and deliver work to the shortest of deadlines using the time zone difference to our advantage.


Predominantly we work on architectural visualisation projects with clients in the construction industry, such as architects and property developers, helping them to present their building creations and assisting them with planning applications, marketing and attracting investors, purchasers and tenants.

We have experience in many other sectors too as our skillset is not restricted to any industry. To date we have also worked with; start-up companies, product designers, interior designers, exhibition / set designers, publishers, retailers, universities, film studios, Chambers of Commerce and design / marketing agencies.

Who we have worked with:

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Working with clients all across the globe, from Start-ups to blue chip organizations.

We deliver solutions tailored for everything from desktops, tablets and smartphones to traditional print media. So whether it’s a 3D still or moving image, an immersive interactive virtual world, we can offer a solution tailored to suit.

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Our aims are simple: to inspire and impress your customers, partners and stakeholders to win you business!