Jlab & working with Rust Studios

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Nicholas Shaw, Space Designed, John Lewis & Rust Studios

Hello, I’m Nicholas and this is my first blog post for Rust and I thought it would be a good chance to say how we met up and what we have delivered so far. In March 2014, Diane and I set up Space Designed, a retail focused design and purchase system and we needed a 3D technologist to deliver on the engine and design. Via friends we came across Curtis and Rust Studios.

That first chat, ended up with us entering the John Lewis, JLAB competition and because of a brilliant presentation and video, we managed to be one of 5 companies (out of several hundred) selected by John Lewis to be a part of their first JLAB program, looking at solutions for the retail industry.

Working with Curtis, we took an idea and Powerpoint presentation from just that to a product within 3 months. We hit problems, we changed the design, the UI, the focus all within a compact team of 3 people. Possibly being the ultimate Lean start-up in the process. The experience was like nothing we had worked on before and proved that we could deliver something interesting and powerful working together.

We look forward to delivering Space Designed to the market over the next few months and enabling more people to experience all that British retailers have.  The experience of working together and looking at the future and what we could do with 3D technology has meant that we have decided to pool our resources and relaunch Rust Studios.

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