The new face of Rust Studios

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After several months we can finally reveal our new website and brand identity!

Here at Rust Studios we are proud to announce our brand new website

We are a well developed Manchester based company that have undergone a massive rebranding exercise to show our extensive portfolio of 3D visualisation, animations, websites, photography and corporate identity. A lot has changed since our website was last updated in 2009. We have gone from strength to strength through these difficult times and it reflects in our outstanding range of work.

Rust Studios was established by Curtis Ashworth in 2006 after completing his degree with Honours in Graphic Design. With Curtis’ creativity and drive Rust Studios quickly grew into a thriving company. In 2008 Chris Jones the Director and Head of Digital joined Rust Studios and together they pushed 3D boundaries with their 3D visualisations and animations not to mention striking websites and corporate designs.

Some of Curtis and Chris’s highlights at Rust Studios was the World Fair 2010 Shanghai Expo in China, where Chris said they had a “once in a lifetime opportunity to attend, and to meet face to face with our Chinese affiliates”. Another highlight would have to be working on the Gloucester Quays Designer outlet Centre where Curtis was, “lucky enough to work on this project from the idea stage in 2005 to the finished shopping centre in 2009. Working on a variety of interesting aspects from 3D visualisations and animations to a complete brand identity, all signage and website”.

The future of Rust Studios is even more exciting than the past as we plan to take projects out of our Labs and turn them into commercially viable products for our clients. We strive to make things happen that we’ve never done before!