I would personally like to wish all my Chinese friends good health, success and happiness in the year of the goat!

In 2010 Rust Studios created a large body of work for the Peel Groups involvement in the Liverpool Pavilion at the Expo in Shanghai. The Shanghai Expo was a major word expo and the largest ever at 5.28 square km, where 73 million people visited over the course of 6 months.

After visiting China for the first time to see the opening ceremony I was hooked. Since that day I have found many partners, many of whom I still communicate with to this day and have become good friends with.

China is a fantastic country with incredible history that I have now visited many times and although the language barrier can be a challenge it has never hindered me in either business or more importantly, having fun!

Rust Studios now has a presence and staff in Beijing and is looking forward to working with those teams to create awesome work for our global and local clients.

And on that note, I would like to express my gratitude to the many friends that I have made along my journey so far and would like thank them for being so welcoming. I look forward to our continued success in the future.

To anyone thinking of doing business in China all I would say is go for it! A good place to start is through theUKTI


Curtis Ashworth
Managing Director