3D Map / Floor Plan

Easy to follow, to update and very flexible.

What is a 3D map / floor plan?

They are 3D representations of interior and exterior spaces that are created in order display an area in an attractive but simple manner.Rust-Studio-CGI-3D-Floorplan-Residential-1500

Why is 3D map / floor plan useful?

A Google map isn’t very attractive or updatable and aerial photography dates too quickly and indeed, it’s not very interesting either. Similarly typical architectural plans of interior spaces are hard to read, too technical looking and boring. In addition to this, the area that you wish to be shown may not actually exist or the map information may not be available.

This is where a 3D Map / Floor Plan provides a solution. They can be in colour and styled in any way imaginable, are easy to update and useable in print form or be made fully interactive.

3D maps / floor plans are particularly useful for planning documentation or as university campus maps both of which we have plenty of experience with.

How can we help?

We are very flexible in our approach in that we can create maps from a variety of information such as but not limited to:

  • Google Maps & building height information
  • Photographs
  • Point Cloud / Laser scanning
  • Thermal imaging data
  • OS data
3D Map / Floorplan Gallery