Architectural Visualisation

Bringing your property developments to life!

What is Architectural Visualisation?

Architectural Visualisation is the art of creating a representation of the appearance of a building to show how it may look if actually constructed. Traditionally artists used to sketch or paint such visuals but the more modern approach is to create this by the use of a computer by skilled 3D artists.

Our 3D artists typically work from architectural CAD drawings, Sketchup or Revit files and convert them into photo-realistic representations of your ideas.

Why is it important?

Poor visuals usually result in negative responses and not securing potential business. High quality exterior architectural visualisations are proven to be effective in helping secure planning permissions, enabling council officials and the general public to clearly understand your concept.

In any development project it is vital to be able to show how the architecture will look and how it will relate to its natural surroundings. Whether it is a single building of residential or commercial content, or even if it is in the context of an entire cityscape, we can create a superb, photo-realistic architectural visualisation of the finished project.

High quality architectural 3D images will influence in a beneficial way the sale potential of a property, help attract investment, tease the interest of potential building occupiers, secure planning permissions or indeed get design awards.

How can we help?

Our experience ranges from creating attractive exterior views of new homes to spectacular panoramas of £10 billion international development projects.

We have helped many architects and property developers secure that all-important planning
permission but also to win design “pitches” or competitions to become the appointed consultant. Architectural visualisation is a cost effective way to assist the design process as alternative materials, textures and colours can be tested within the programme very easily and quickly.

We can provide anything from a simple conceptual massing CGI to a photo-realistic architectural visualisation.

Waterfront CGI of the SamWa ITC

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