Put a concept into context and create a real impact or create something surreal!

What is a Photomontage?

A photomontage is an image that is created by digitally compositing elements from various sources such as photographs and 3D software into one piece.

For example adding a new building design onto a photograph of an undeveloped plot of land to marry it with its setting or adding a mobile phone to a person’s hand.

Why are they useful?

Before & After Shot – We’re all familiar with the ‘before and after’ shot. By the way it puts a concept into context and creates maximum and a real impact.

[twentytwenty] Waterfront CGI of the SamWa ITC

CGI of the SamWa ITC at night



Design Variations – They are also useful for testing design variations without the cost of making prototypes or models. A photomontage combines and merges real-life pictures with computer generated imagery to show how a new product or development would look in its actual environment.

Advertising – A photomontage is now commonplace in advertising graphics as it is a good way to be cost effective with your budget as it avoids setting up real life scenes for photography. An example would be with photomontage as you could add a car to a photograph of a landscape that was thousands of miles away as an alternative to actually taking and photographing the car in that location.

Surreal – A photomontage is the ideal choice for creating an image of something that does not exist or for creating a surreal/arty scene.

How can we help?

Our highly skilled team can produce meticulously retouched images, which will seamlessly integrate the subject with its background.

We understand the importance of “selling the dream” and what better way to do this than to merge the old with the new. Our team has over 15 years of 3D and Photoshop experience. The possibilities are endless for you.

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