Product CGI

Accurately visualise your Product or Concept in 3D

What is a Product CGI?

A product computer generated image (CGI) is a realistic 3D representation of a product. The product could be anything as simple a pen to a complex organic item such as a tree.

Product CGI’s are all around you but you may not be aware of them as they are not distinguishable from the actual product. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft and IKEA predominately use 3D techniques as apposed to traditional photography to display their products.


Why are they useful?

Prototyping – Why spend money on making expensive prototypes when you can visualise your designs accurately and cost effectively with 3D graphics? Using “cutaways”, we can show the inner and outer workings of a product in detail – something a model cannot do. We can also include supporting documentation such as assembly instructions.

Start-ups – If you have a concept that your would like to test on a crowd funding website such as Kick-starter then a having CGI of your product is the quickest and most effective way to experiment and show off a new concept or product.

Marketing & Promotion – Due to their flexibility, Product CGI’s are ideal for marketing a product through a variety of mediums.

In essence they are not only cost effective, but they are more versatile too so choosing to represent your products in 3D has a multitude of benefits.

Flexible – Creating a Product CGI is less expensive than photography and the end result is indistinguishable but it allows more freedom and flexibility as there are no restrictions on lighting effects etc. Secondly, after a product has been created in 3D, camera angles and lighting setups can be altered quickly which is not the case when using photography. They offer the most effective solution especially if you require many different colour versions of the same product.

At the core of every Product CGI is a 3D model that can be used in a brochure, on a website as a 360º turntable animation, in a computer game or even as part of a Virtual Reality environment or Augmented reality App.

Why Rust Studios?

We have worked with many product designers and start-ups and so created a vast array of realistic product CGI’s but have also created many other items and incorporated them into our Interior Visualisations.

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