3D Animation / Fly-through

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is a creative and digital process that transforms static images (either 2D or 3D) into moving 3D videos that are incorporated within a related setting. Our approach is to either create models that could be products, objects, buildings etc. or alternatively set up a skeleton static framework onto which we add figures and other moving items.
An early example would be the 1976 movie “Futureworld” , but since then technology has advanced significantly with some of the finest examples being Frozen, Avatar and Life of Pi.


What Rust Studio brings to 3D animation

3D animation has the potential to wow your audience, whether it’s for a proposed architectural development or a product design,  we can help.

There is only so far a still image can impress a viewer. Remember that they say a picture tells a thousand words, so imagine how many a 3D animation will say. At Rust Studios we create exciting moving images that really bring messages to life and helps your customers see your ideas clearly and promotes them positively.

Whether it is a simple 3D animation that you need or a more complex 3D fly-through or 3D stereoscopic film we have the experience and the skills to provide this.

Simply put, it’s about using modern and appropriate  technology to tell a story with fascinating visuals and strong narrative to attract the attention of  viewers to draw them into your dream whilst reinforcing a message in their minds.

So, no matter what your profession, be you an architect, developer, designer or dreamer, we can bring your projects and dreams into the real world in glorious 3D.