3D Visualisation / CGI

Realistic 3D images of anything for anything

3D visualisation – Where it all began

It all started with map making thousands of years ago when people had to communicate locational information so they created visual representations on paper. Since those early days, we have seen the rise of hand written text progress to printing, paintings, photography and now digital information visualisation. In the early digital days we saw simple unrealistic almost cartoon like models used to convey data. Now, we can build photorealistic images that are indistinguishable from a photo of the same object.

These detailed CGI’s will define and portray a concept, a product, or an architectural structure. Do not underestimate the power of a striking image. A 3D visualisation can change a perception and transform a concept into a proposition. We can convert anything from a rough sketch or a complex set of 2D drawings and CAD designs that often require specialist knowledge to read, into stunning 3D representations that can be understood by all.

So why use 3D visualisation?

If you need to sell an idea, a concept or even a shopping centre, then the most dramatic, powerful and effective tool to tackle this, is with a visual representation of it. Perhaps when you have designed something new you need to bring this product to life, well photorealistic images can help you achieve this by demonstrating or highlighting the best of the creation. You may simply want to show something in a more excitable but understandable format that you are passionate about. Whatever you reasons are, we can help breathe life into your ideas.

Experts from Rust Studios

We are experts in all types of 3D visualisation, be they CGI’s of building interiors or their facades or products or photomontages. We offer high quality solutions that will accommodate any brief or budget. We don’t just build a 3D representation of a 2D image as we understand the need to carefully select the most appropriate camera angle and its height above it and the correct lighting condition, all of which we combine to bring out not just the best of the product but the intent, the feelings and the desires behind it.