Pitches & Startups

Give yourself the best possible start

If you need to pitch for work or a start-up venture then you need to get your ideas across quickly and in a way that everyone will understand. The way in which you would do this would depend upon your audience but in most cases the preferred and most effective way is usually with the use of a 3D animation/fly-through or an engaging interactive experience/demo.

In the real world most people have little time or patience when it comes to choosing a concept and if they cannot understand your idea almost instantly then you are severely limiting your chances of success. It is imperative that you secure the interest of a client at your first meeting if you want a second meeting to expand on the detail.

Pitching a product, service or an idea?

You will be aware that convincing a client of value for money and cost effectiveness of your business proposal or product is a key component of their decision making process that will lead to your appointment when pitching. Whatever your budget you need to create and present in a way that will give you the best possible chance of early success.

If you have a product that you would like to pitch to an investor or for inclusion in a crowd funding website such as Kickstarter then we suggest the following:

Product CGI
Having a realistic 3D image of your product can help sell your concept before you go too far with no indication of the desirability of the product.

3D Animation / Motion Graphics

In most cases a still image will simply not be acceptable often because of the complexity of an idea which needs 3D and movement to give an immediate understanding of the product. This is where the use of an animation becomes essential.

More 3D Animations

App Concept Videos to App Design & Development
If you would like a demonstration of how an App may function we can create a simple App like experience for you without the high cost of the full development.

How can we help?

Although as a company we have a lot of experience in 3D, technology and graphic design, we have also pitched many of our own concepts to investors and clients alike so we understand what is required to win a contract and also the challenges faced to get the client enthused and excited to secure their interest at the first meeting.