Planning Permission

Save money & increase your chances with 3D

Securing planning permission can be a lengthy, costly and complicated process. At Rust Studio we can give you the best possible chance of success by helping you show your ideas simply and clearly. In many instances you have to convince the public or neighbouring property owners that your building will not pose a nuisance or be an eye sore to prevent them raising objections which could lead to a refusal.

We can assist at any stage of the process:


Scale & Massing – We can provide simple scale diagrams of your development that can be used as method of demonstrating how it fits in to the surrounding area. These can usually be provided within a day.

Verified Views – As is common with all planning applications, careful consideration is taken by the council as to how your building or development will effect the surrounding area. We can provide accurate scale images from any location to show that the proposed buildings don’t obstruct a view or indeed were a vista needs some closure by the use of the building.

3D Visualisation / Images – Although 3D images are not an official requirement of a planning submission they are commonly asked for. Many people, sometime the planners, but more often the planning committee members lack the skill to imagine how a development may look when constructed. A good 3D visualisation can often mean the difference between being granted planning permission or being refused.

3D Fly-through / Animation

If your development is going to impact the surrounding area in an adverse way you may wish to opt for a 3D Fly-through animation. These can be used to create a positive and pleasant emotive response to your scheme perhaps even showing the buildings across the four seasons making it more likely to be given planning permission.

More Fly-throughs

Public Consultations

With larger developments it is a UK planning policy requirement these days to consult the local public to engage with them and listen to their views. Getting the public onside often gets the Council member onside who determine the application. The public understand and can relate to fly-trough’s so they are a very beneficial tool. We can help design, setup and organise such public events.

We can offer the following services to help the public understand and realise your vision:

3D Visualisation3D AnimationVirtual RealityInteractive WalkthroughGraphic Design

Why use us?

With over 10 years experience working with the construction industry and with clients ranging from single home owners to multi-billion pound property companies we can help give you the best possible chance of getting planning permission.

Working on two of the largest property developments in the UK (Wirral Waters & Liverpool Waters) with a combined investment value exceeding £10 billion, that consisted of over 40 million square feet of mixed use floorspace, part in a World Heritage Site we have comprehensive experience with large scale ambitious projects and we helped The Peel Group receive planning permission without a public inquiry for both schemes.

BBC – Plan approved for £4.5bn Wirral Waters development
BBC – Liverpool Waters £5.5bn plans approved by government

So whether you require planning permission for an extension on your house or for a small city with over 200 buildings then we have you covered!