Selling Property

Selling property is not easy

Let’s face it, most of us struggle to imagine how a property is to look before it has been built or after an existing property has been renovated and that is where Rust Studios can help. We can help you visualise your ideas in a way that is understandable to others to help sell your property.

Typically, we would suggest the following services:

3D Images / Visualisation

If you are on a limited budget then we would suggest a set of 3D images also known as 3D visualisations. These are photo-realistic representations of the competed property.

3D Fly-through / Animation

You can bring a potential buyer one step closer to actually seeing and understanding your vision with the use of a 3D fly-through. Videos are so much more engaging compared to static images as they help to create an emotive response and enliven interest which is more likely lead a purchaser to a buying your property.

More Fly-throughs

Virtual Reality

Want to blow your potential customers away? If so we can create a full virtual environment whereby the potential buyer could by the use of a 3D headset, virtually walk around a finished development room by room and interact with it as if they were in the real building. We could even decorate the walls with colours and textures and add a variety of furniture styles to cater for and pamper to different tastes.

More Virtual Reality

What information can we work from?

We can work from anything from a sketch, detailed CAD plans and elevations, photographs through to 3D files. We will work with you to provide a solution that suits your way of working and budget. Over the past 10 years we have worked in many different ways and understand that it can be difficult to obtain information of an uncompleted building. Also as we have created many 3D scenes and we have in our own library a large number of 3D objects that can be used at minimal cost.